These are the amazing people and companies that dedicated their talent and resources for supporting the International Day of Yoga, 2015 and 2016. Our gratitude towards them is endless. Let us know if you also want to support this initiative.

Our very special thanks go to: for the wonderful flyer including the symbols you see on the frontpage.

Edgardo Oviedo Otazú, Marilena Frangi, Jasminka Karačić, Matej Fidler and Sofian Krüger for the creation of the logo. Katalin Radasanu for the animated logo and further editings.

Sofian Krüger for the webdesign and Michael Simpson for the programming of the Events page.

The Rezonance Publishing House, Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga, Academia Espiritual YOGA Tradicional Ananda, TARA Yoga Centre and Ivo Strasser for translations.

MISA Yoga Camps and MISA TV for marketing support and live broadcasting.

Malin Oloier, Pierre Crie, Costica Cojocaru and Cristian Hallivuori for photography and photo-editing.

Catalin Truta for the musical support of the heart-of-the-world- and the spiral-meditation.

“Stiftung zur Föderung des traditionellen Yoga” and “Yoga leben e.V.” for their contribution.